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Located in the heart of Prattville, the Centre for Performing Arts offers residents of central Alabama a positive and professional environment. We focus on small class sizes with instruction from teachers with years of experience offering quality dance instruction to children ages two and up.

The Centre for Performing Arts is a member of the National Dance Education Association, Autauga County Chamber of Commerce, Alabama Dance Council for the Arts, Alabama Alliance for the Arts, and Voice of Dance.

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Please fill out this form with the classes of interest. You may contact us to schedule an appointment to view our classes or to simply discuss the right fit for your dancer.  You will be required to fill out a registration form to get started in our program.  We must have the yearly registration fee of $35 to place a child in our system.  We will contact you to ensure your child is placed in the appropriate class as soon as the registration form and fee is received.
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Our dance teams are for the more serious dancers interested in expanding your horizons in the art of dance. Dancers are selected by audition only by the choreographer for his or her individual piece. All dancers interested in the dance team are required to take class during the month of July each year. The commitment to our dance teams is both important and necessary for each student to reach his or her highest potential. Our goal is not for every student to become a working professional dancer, but more to become thriving individuals with the strong work ethic necessary to become successful people in our world.
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Our students participate in numerous community performances around the county and state. Our dance teams compete in various states throughout the year.
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Upcoming Events

Recital Picture Day Saturday, April 8th Time Schedule8:00 AM Tiny Tots I 2 yr olds Thursday8:00 AM Tiny Tots I 3 yr olds Monday9:00 AM Tiny Tots II 4 yrs Monday9:00 AM Tiny Tots II Wednesday9:30 Beginning Ballet Thursday10:00 Beginning Dance Monday Class10:30 Beginning Jazz Mon. & Thurs11:00 Gymnastics Level I11:30 Gymnastics Level II12:00 Beginning Hip Hop12:30 Intermediate Hip Hop1:00 Beginner / Int. I Tap1:30 Intermediate I, II, & III Ballet2:00 Intermediate I, II, & III Jazz2:30 Homeschool/Pre-teen/Teen Ballet/Pre-teen/Teen Jazz **ALL DANCE TEAM PICTURES WILL BE MADE ON FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH  
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