Kyler Durrence

Our Senior Centre Dancer of the Week is 16 year old Kyler Durrence.  Check out his interview!

Name:  Kyler Durrence

Nickname:  Kyyy or KyKy

Parents:  Lynn & Cliff Durrence

Favorite Color:  Black  (“Matches Everything”)

Favorite Candy:  Ghirardelli Caramels

Favorite Food:  Bacon Cheeseburgers     

Favorite TV Show:  Friends   

 Favorite Book:  Art of the Deal

Three words that describe you:  Extra, Out of the Box, Creative 

How long have you been dancing and/or on the dance team?  8 years

What school do you attend?  Prattville High School, 11th grade     


What is your favorite style of dance? Contemporary, but love a good hip hop or jazz funk

What is your favorite dance routine?  My Solo

What do you look forward to the most this year at dance? Growing to achieve excellence not only in my technique and ability but in my spirit and well being.

What do you like about being on the dance team?   The family aspect in which we can always fall back on.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of at dance?   NRG National Prodigy.  NYC Finals YAGP Top 10, The Dance Awards Junior Top 10, Pulse Protege, and Titans Force.

What is your favorite memory of being at dance and/or on the dance team?   Rooming together, long car rides, or going out to eat with some of the most entertaining and best friends a person could ask for.

What is your favorite Dance Convention and/or Competition to attend and why?   Any Break the Floor Competition (Jump, NUVO, 24seven) but especially Radix, due to the amazing faulty and connection and great competitions.  NRG has great energy, experience and inclusivity.

What is some advice you would give those considering joining the dance team?  A good attitude goes a long way, just work hard and show up to class and doors will open up.

What are your goals this year at dance?  Better my turnout and extensions, but achievement wise, make Beat Squad and win a rewarding national title.

What are your plans after high school? College at Alabama or USC, then work in a commercial company or teach at a convention.