Abbigayle Armstrong

Mini Centre Dancer of the Week is 10 year old Abbigayle Armstrong.  Check out her interview!

Name:  Abbigayle Armstrong

Nickname:  Armstrong or Abbi

Parents:  Samantha & Nathan Armstrong

Favorite Color:  Yellow

Favorite Candy:  3 Musketers

Favorite Food:   Pizza

Favorite TV Show:   Big Bang Theory      

Favorite Book:   Dork Diaries

Three words that describe you?   Kind, Creative, Smart

What is your favorite style of dance?   Hip Hop

What is your favorite dance routine?   Street Games

What do you look forward to the most this year at dance?   Being able to dance with my friends.

What school do you attend?  Millbrook Middle, 5th grade

What do you  want to be when you grow up?  Teacher