Payton Harris

Our Junior Centre Dancer of the Week is Payton Harris.  Check out her interview!

Name:  Payton Sloan Harris

Nickname:  Chiper

Parents and siblings:  Alice & Steve Harris; Mason, Devan, Carson, Grayson

Pets:  Roxy, Darla, Nova, Bleu

Favorite Color:  Yellow

Favorite Candy:  Swedish Fish

Favorite Food:  McDonalds

What grade are you in?  Prattville Elementary School, 3th Grade

Favorite TV Show:  Bobs Burgers

Favorite Book:  Wonder

Three words that describe you?  Funny, Stubborn, Sweet

What do you want to be when you grow up?  An actress

Favorite style of dance:  Contemporary

Favorite dance routine:  Girls Next Door

What do you look forward to the most this year at dance? 

Being more flexible and pushing myself to new things.

What do you like about being on the dance teams? 

Getting to perform for new people and making friends.

What is some advice you would give those considering joining the dance team? 

It is a great opportunity to become a better dancer.