Otilia Dison

Our Mini Centre Dancer of the Week is Otilia Dison.  Check out her interview!

Name:  Otilia Michelle Dison

Nickname:  Tilly

Parents and siblings:  Lucy and Derek Dison; Mia and Nicholas

Pets:  One dog – Sparky

Favorite Color:  Turquoise, pink, violet, blue

Favorite Candy:  Twix

Favorite Food:  Shrimp

What grade are you in?  Daniel Pratt Elementary School, 3rd grade

Favorite TV Show:  Bunk’d

Favorite Book:  Wonder

Three words that describe you?  Funny, Sassy, and Smart

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Nurse

Favorite style of dance:  Tap and Jazz

Favorite dance routine:  Sugar Sugar

What do you like about being on the dance teams? 

Competing with my friends.