Class Schedule


Summer classes will begin Thursday, July 6th.
Centre Summer 2017 Schedule
Class times and days are subject to change depending on class size.


  Tuesday Thursday
Studio A    
12:00-1:00 Beginning Hip Hop  
1:00-2:00 Gym Level I & II Advanced Strength/Stretch
2:00-3:00 Gym Level III Advanced Turn/Leap
3:00-4:00 Int II/III Strength/Stretch Advanced Contemp/Improv
4:00-5:00 Int II/III Hip Hop Int II/III Turn & Leap
5:00-6:00 Int II/III Ballet Int II/III Contemp/Improv
6:00-7:30 Advanced Ballet  
7:30-8:30 Advanced Hip Hop  
Studio B    
2:00-3:00 Beginning Ballet  
5:00-5:45   Tiny Tots I (2yr olds)
5:45-6:30   Tiny Tots II (3-4yr olds)
6:30-7:00   Tiny Tumblers (3-4yr olds)
Studio C    
2:00-3:00 Int I Strength/Stretch Int I Turn/Leap
3:00-4:00 Int I Hip Hop Int I Contemp/Improv
4:00-5:00 Int I Ballet Beginning Jazz
5:00-6:00 Int II Ballet  
6:00-7:00 Beginning Dance