Annabel Carr

Our Teen Centre Dancer of the Week is 13 year old Annabel Carr.  Check out her interview!

Name:  Annabel Carr

Nickname:  Bel

Parents and siblings:  Craig & Miranda Carr; Jackson and Ellie

Pets:  Tootsie & my rabbit dog Lily

Favorite Color:  Aqua

Favorite Candy:  Snickers

Favorite Food:  Taco Bell

School attended and grade:  Marbury Middle; 7th Grade

Favorite TV Show:  Fuller House

Three words that describe you?  Hard Working, Perfectionist and Hangry

Favorite style of dance:  Contemporary

Favorite dance routine:  It Is Written

What do you look forward to the most this year at dance? 

Competitions.  I love to learn new combos at the conventions and to compete with other talented dancers.

What do you like about being on the dance teams? 

The close bonds that are formed with friends.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of at dance? 

Getting a scholarship at summer intensive.

What is your favorite memory of being at dance and/or on the dance team?

There are lots but one of my favs is at awards when everyone is pumped and singing/dancing on stage.

What is your favorite Dance Convention and/or Competition to attend and why?

24 seven because I learn the most in Convention.

What is some advice you would give those considering joining the dance team? 

Be prepared for hard work and long nights but don’t stress out because it’s worth it in the end.